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Classification And Operational Notices Of Forward Forklift

Classification and Operational Notices of Forward Forklift

Forward-moving Forklift 
The forward-moving forklift has the advantages of pollution-free, low noise, high energy conversion efficiency, simple and convenient operation, etc. It is impossible to compare the balanced forklift with the stacker truck in the limited working space. The balanced forklift with the same tonnage needs more space, while the stacker truck works at a relatively low height. Therefore, in order to complete the high-shelf stacking in the limited working space, the forward forklift is the best choice, while the forward-moving forklift is one type of the forward forklift.

Driving Forklift 
The driving forklift is supported by three fulcrums. The front two are bearing wheels, the rear one is driving wheel and steering wheel. The stability of the three fulcrums forklift truck is a little worse than that of the four fulcrums, and the walking speed needs to be controlled within a certain range. The forward-moving forklift designed in this paper has been optimized in this respect, using four-wheel support. The rear wheel consists of a steering driving wheel and an auxiliary wheel, which are connected by a suspension mechanism, greatly improving the stability of the forklift and the effect of shock absorption.

Operational considerations
1.In the use of forward forklift, special attention should be paid to timely charging of batteries and correct maintenance of batteries. When charging the batteries, we should pay attention to the methods. We should not only make the batteries fully charged, but also not cause the excessive charging of the batteries.

2.Do not mistake the forward and backward direction switch as the steering switch in vehicle operation.

3. In the operation of forward forklift truck, the long-distance acceleration should be used as little as possible. When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, the acceleration pedal should be stabilized. If the road condition is good, the vehicle will continue to accelerate. When the vehicle needs to decelerate, relax the acceleration pedal and gently pedal the brake pedal, so as to make full use of the deceleration energy.

Forward Forklift
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