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Scale Pallet Truck

  • Hand Pallet Truck BFC6/BFC6-II Hand Pallet Truck BFC6/BFC6-II 2018/04/18 Mobile pallet truck with scale combined two major functions for pallet truck/scale, allows you to weigh cargo what you want, where you want and when you want. Power supply with rechargeable battery or with 88~264V AC input. Keypad and automatic tare functions. 1.2inches, super-large and bright LED display in solid state to be strike-free. Available in pounds or kilograms.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-7-BFC6-8 Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-7-BFC6-8 2018/04/18 Widely used in carrying meat, marine produces, wines, beverage, chemicals, ect. And can work in very low temperature conditions, e.g. to deliver goods into and out of freezers/coolers.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-S Hand Pallet Truck BFC6-S 2018/04/18 Mobile pallet truck scale combined two major functions for pallet truck/scale,allows to weigh cargo what you want,to anytime and any place. A/D velocity: 27/s,a faster speed of weighing,more correct. Confroms to EU's ROHS standard.