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  • Articulated Wheel LoaderArticulated Wheel Loader2018/04/17Multifunction articulated wheel loader is a new generation wheel loader developed and produced by Attack Global(HongKong) Co., Ltd., which can be used for material loading and unloading, short-distanc...
  • Articulating Boom LiftArticulating Boom Lift2018/04/18We are professional Articulating Boom Lift supplier and manufacturer in China. We can produce towable articulating boom lift according to your requirements. There are two types of Articulated boom lif...
  • Electric ForkliftElectric Forklift2018/04/18Full AC power system, with lower maintanence cost, better water-proof technology, the perfect steering stability during the hig-speed working etc, to reduce the operational cost.
  • Electric Pallet StackerElectric Pallet Stacker2018/04/18Brief Introduction and Classification of Electric Pallet StackerElectric pallet stacker is suitable for operation in narrow passage and limited space. It is an ideal tool for loading and unloading pal...
  • Electric Pallet TruckElectric Pallet Truck2018/04/18
  • Electric Reach TruckElectric Reach Truck2018/04/18SAFETY AND STABILITY●AC motor drive with high efficiency, no need to replace carbon brush, very good ramp starting performance.●Two model function can control the speed of lift and lowering.●Low ce...
  • Hand Pallet TruckHand Pallet Truck2018/04/18
  • IC ForkliftIC Forklift2018/04/18IC Forklift FeaturesLower pollutionHigh efficiency hydraulic system decreases the fuel consumptionThis lift truck is equipped with high performance engine to meet EU EC and USA EPA new regulations.Erg...
  • Lift TableLift Table2018/04/18
  • Manual StackerManual Stacker2018/04/18
  • Scissor LiftScissor Lift2018/04/18
  • Semi-electric Pallet TruckSemi-electric Pallet Truck2018/04/18
  • Semi-electric StackerSemi-electric Stacker2018/04/18Semi-electric stacker trucks are widely used in ground cargo, pallet movement, stacking and short distance transportation. In many places, such as factories, warehouses, logistics centers, it is safe ...
  • Telescopic Boom LiftTelescopic Boom Lift2018/04/18Telescopic Boom Lift can accurately weight what on the platform with automatic division of various load levels; Precise Weighting Ability in all locations of the platform for objects or human beings; Automatic power cut-off and alarm with light and sound when the platform is over-loaded.
  • Telescopic ForkliftTelescopic Forklift2018/04/18The telescopic forklifts is a kind of multi-purpose using,efficient and convenient machine for loading and unloading, hosting, transporting in mineral yards, planet, construction spots, ports, public works, furthermore optional accessories could be choose by user include bucket, hook, boom.
  • Three Wheel ForkliftThree Wheel Forklift2018/04/18Full AC technology with high Efficiency and reliability; ergonomics design: comfortable seat,ample inner room and wide visibility; Side of in-out battery, ensure more safe, smooth and efficient.Turning on the spot, a small space to operate freely; Advanced AC controllers and CANbus technology.
  • Rough Terrian ForkliftRough Terrian Forklift2018/05/18Rough terrain forklift has all-wheel drive, greatly increased the power of the forklift, it is a kind of safe and high efficiency construction machinery used for loading and stacking materials on muddy field, farm, mountain area and other uneven giound, it had good off-road capablilty, trafficability and maneuverabilitu. It can replace a variety of attachments to improve its operational efficiency.
  • Articulated ForkliftArticulated Forklift2018/05/18ASSISTANT Articulated forklift is a high-performance multi-function; multi-directional electric forklift; equipped with large AC motor; suitable for multi-shift; high frequency; high strength; high efficiency environmen; equipped with smaller DC motor; Suitable for working in low frequency environments; If working in high duty environment; ASSISTANT multifunction- multidirection electric forklift is a good choice.
  • Gasoline ForkliftGasoline Forklift2018/05/18The 2.0-2.5T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Truck is easy and convenient for maintenance. It is not necessary to install bolts on the front or rear baseboard. Therefore, it is easy to disassemble even without any tool.
Find types of material handling lifting machinery and equipment, types of warehouse trucks from ATTACK FORKLIFT, which  is a professional manufacturer specializing in material handling machinery for more than 10 years. We mainly produce and supply forklifts, electric warehouse trucks, aerial working platform and so on. The ATTACK forklift equipment product line, consisting of more than 200 machines and equipments, all of the products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world. We plan to help you meet your needs with our material handling lifting machine and equipment, with our product support system and exporting experience, and the continual introduction and updating of products.

Different types of material handling equipment are available for choice.