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Tire Repair Methods for High Capacity Electric Forklift

There are mainly three tire repair methods for high capacity electric forklifts:


1. Adhesive tape repair method for high capacity electric forklift

The adhesive tape is directly filled into the damaged holes of the high capacity electric forklift, and then the leakage is made up by thermal curing. Because of its simple operation and very low cost, the most expensive repair price is tens of dollars. However, at high temperature in summer, it is easy to heat the adhesive strip due to melting separation. In addition to the impact of vibration, there may be air leakage. Therefore, it is often used in early tire repair.


2. Intra-patch method for high capacity electric forklift

At present, the most commonly used method for tire repair of high capacity electric forklift is intra-patch method. First check the damaged position of the tire, and then carefully level off the damaged area, apply glue around the hole, stick the special rubber patch on the damaged area and press firmly, and finally apply a layer of protective glue to complete the repair work of the tire. This method is basically the same as the tire repair method commonly used on bicycles. The disadvantage of this method is that damaged parts are easily corroded by contaminants such as rain and can only be repaired inside the tire. The tire should be calibrated for dynamic balance after completing the repair.


3. Mushroom nail repair method for high capacity electric forklift

This method is similar to the intra-patch method above, but the patch is replaced with a mushroom-like rubber nail, and then the patch is inserted into the broken hole to fill the hole. Relatively speaking, the hole size should not be too large. This method is relatively safe and thorough with the best repair effect.


How to maintain the tire: When inflating the tire of the forklift, remember not to inflate it too full. If possible, you need to check the pressure of the tire regularly. Do not continue the operation when the pressure is too low.

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