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What Are the Requirements for Electric Forklift Truck Charging?

Different from new energy vehicles, electric forklift trucks need to travel around, but when used near warehouses or workplaces, charging electric forklift trucks is more convenient. You don't need to spend time on finding a charging station.

1. Electric forklift trucks cannot be charged in the warehouse

Electric forklift truck charging is usually not suitable for actual operation in the warehouse. It is recommended to set up a special place outside the warehouse for charging.

If you are forced to carry out the actual electric forklift truck charging operation in the warehouse due to geographical restrictions, you should perform the charging operation in strict accordance with the fire protection regulations and the power safety management system, and you need to assign a full-time staff to maintain it to prevent accidents. The above is for reference only. You should not risk safe production. Please strictly abide by the regulations on the actual operation.

Article 17 of the "Administrative Measures for Fire Safety of Commercial Warehouses": It is prohibited to use high-temperature lighting equipment, metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps and other electrical equipment exceeding 60 watts in the warehouse. The output power of an electric forklift truck charger obviously exceeds that of a fluorescent lamp of more than 60 watts.

If the items stored in the warehouse are flammable and explosive chemicals, the electric forklift truck will generate sparks during the entire loading process, which may cause a fire or explosion. electric forklift trucks cannot be charged in warehouses where store flammable and explosive chemical materials.

The charging or storage address of the electric forklift battery should maintain stable natural ventilation and be equipped with ventilation equipment to avoid combustible gas explosion.

It is forbidden to smoke in the electric forklift truck charging room to avoid fire and open flames; it is forbidden to answer the phone in the charging room. If you want to make a call, please go outside the charging room to pick it.

Ⅱ. The advantages of electric forklift trucks

The advantages of electric forklift trucks are energy-saving and environmental protection, and they have been widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The advantages of internal combustion forklifts are cost-effectiveness and longer battery life.

Because electric forklift trucks have the advantages of low pollution and low noise, they have a broad market space in the storage, wholesale and retail, and food and drug industries.

On the other hand, as the economy continues to develop, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and the country is saving energy. The implementation of emission reductions is also increasing.

With the increase in demand from downstream shopping malls and the guidance and support of national industrial policies, the consumption structure of China's forklift market will gradually adjust, and the share of electric forklift trucks in the forklift market will gradually increase, which will bring huge profits to electric forklift manufacturers.

In the context of China's vigorous promotion of new energy vehicles, coupled with advanced batteries, electric motors and electronic control technology, the lithium battery forklift market will also usher in opportunities for rapid development.

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