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Standard Pallet Truck

  • Hand Pallet Truck BF Hand Pallet Truck BF 2018/04/18 Most standard and popular model with capacity 2500-3500 kgs. Complete pump design with reliable leak-proof pump eliminating maintenance and extending the service time. 210 steering arc,and small turning radius. Fork lowering speed is controllable,operated by hand control and foot pedal.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BF3500 Hand Pallet Truck BF3500 2018/04/18 1) Load capacity (kg): 3,000 2) Lifting height (mm): 200/190 3) Overall length (mm): 1,540/1,610 4) Overall width (mm): 520/550/685 5) Overall height (mm): 1,230 6) Steering wheel (mm): Φ200/180 7) Fork wheel (mm): Φ74/80
  • Hand Pallet Truck DB Hand Pallet Truck DB 2018/04/18 Standard epoxy powder coat finish which is resistant to chips and normal corrosion. Exceptionally strong but light weight steel construction, service weight is only 55kgs. With welded joints and reinforced fork tips for most durability in the toughest of applications.
  • Hand Pallet Truck DF Hand Pallet Truck DF 2018/04/18 Chrome piston and ram for smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump & seal. Excellent turning angle of 180 degrees facilities. Number of pump strokes-10.Lift height per stroke:11mm. Conform to EN 1757-2.
  • Hand Pallet Truck NF Hand Pallet Truck NF 2018/04/18 Heavy duty forks for greatest strength, durability and super strong frame. 3 position control lever Lifting-Neutral-Lowering hydraulic encased in protective steel housing. Excellent turning angle of 180 degree facilities. Conform to EN 1757-2.
  • Hand Pallet Truck WA Hand Pallet Truck WA 2018/04/18 Standard single speed pump and light service weight,but big load capacity 3000kgs. Design on the base of 3 year service time,which can be extended up to 5 years. Compact appearance,innovative separated rocker arms,ensure the whole truck averaged pressed.