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Cautions for Semi-electric Stacker Truck

Semi-electric Stacker Truck is used for various wheeled handling vehicles for pallet cargo handling, stacking, stacking and short distance transportation. ISO/TC110 is called industrial vehicle. It is suitable for working in narrow channel and limited space.

Definition: Stacker truck refers to all kinds of wheeled transport vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short distance transportation of pallet cargo.

Matters needing attention
1.Fixing the product label at the obvious and easy-to-break part of the stacker. The size and technical requirements of the tag shall conform to the requirements of GB/1'13 306 and GB 10827.
2.In the driver's eye-catching place, fix the "load curve" sign. The size of the sign should conform to GB/'r 13306.

3.Safety signs should be marked on the outside of the portal frame.
4. The stacker should have a clear lifting position.

5.The steel serial number should be marked in the obvious position of the stacker frame.

6. Before shipment, requirements for the manufacturer:
(a) All random accessories and tools shall be protected against rust or other protective measures;

B) Apply anti-rust oil to all exposed unpainted parts of the stacking truck;

C) Hydraulic components that must be sealed with lead must be approved by the inspector before sealing with lead;

D) Adequate grease shall be injected into all lubricating parts;

E) All parts of the stacker with relative motion shall be fixed accordingly;

F) Hydraulic oil should be added to the specified position.
Semi-electric stacker truck

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