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Structural Analysis Principle Of Semi-Electric Stacker Truck

Semi-electric stacker truck is a special equipment. It refers to all kinds of wheeled handling vehicles that carry out loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of the components pallet cargo.

The choice of electric stacker truck depends on the load and elevation.

1.The load of the stacker truck is generally 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 tons, etc. The maximum of the national standard is 2 tons. The important parameters of the stacker truck are only motor and portal frame.

2.Elevation height is an important parameter of stacker truck. Generally, the maximum height is 6.5 meters, the minimum height is 1.6 meters, and the commonly used storage height is 4.5 meters.

3.Secondly, batteries are also an important part of the stacking truck. The working hours are usually 8-12 hours.

In a word, the shape of pallets and the width of passages between shelves are the two basic factors affecting the selection of electric stacker trucks.

The main structure of semi-electric stacker elevator is composed of driving device, steering control device, parking brake device, hydraulic circuit system and electric system.

1.The driving device of semi-electric stacker truck is driven by manpower. Special process nylon or polyurethane wheels are selected for wear resistance, which has the advantages of pressure resistance, silence, manual control, flexible and portable operation.

2.Steering control device: the steering control handle of semi-electric stacker truck acts on the steering wheels on both sides through the steering mechanism. It is more portable and flexible when turning. Therefore, the steering control handle can be directly turned to the desired angle.

3.Parking brake device: this kind of semi-electric stacker truck operates by foot brake. The brake directly acts on the universal wheel and immediately acts as brake.

4.When the semi-electric stacker truck with hydraulic circuit system needs to lift or drop the fork, by adjusting the hydraulic pull rod, the pump station can drive the relative movement of the inner and outer portal frames and sliding frames through the cylinder, so that the fork can rise and fall (the hydraulic pull rod pulls back). Pressure limiting valves are included in hydraulic pumps to protect vehicles and hydraulic systems under overload.

5.Semi-electric stacker truck with circuit system is powered by batteries. The electric quantity of electric stacker truck shows the capacity or voltage of batteries.
Semi-electric stacker truck

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