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Methods to Prevent Abnormal Wear of Tires of Three-wheel Forklift

1. Methods to prevent abnormal wear of tires of three wheel forklift

(1) Strengthen the maintenance of tires of three wheel forklift, frequently check the air pressure, the tire temperature, frequently dig stones, and plug small holes.

(2) Improve the maintenance quality of the underpan. Check and correct the wheel alignment of the three wheel forklift in time to ensure that the toe-in and camber meet the design requirements; check whether the rim is cracked, deformed, or obviously corroded. If so, repair or replace with a high-quality rim in time to ensure that the rim is in line with the tire.

It is necessary to timely add grease to the tires of three wheel forklift according to the regulations, and adjust the bearings of wheel hub, ball joints of tie rod, and clearances of kingpin bushing to the design values; maintain the balance of the tires. If unbalanced, they should receive dynamically balance test; perform the exhaust inspection of cycle valve to determine whether oil has entered the tire. Once oil is found in the tire, the tire should be removed and cleaned immediately. The lateral and longitudinal oscillating quantity of the wheel assembly should meet the requirements.

(3) Improve the driving skills of the three wheel forklift drivers. Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not smoke or eat while driving. Also, they must go through professional training and be assessed by relevant departments. Modifications are not allowed without permission.

2. Regular maintenance of tires of three wheel forklift

Forklift tires may encounter some accidents during use. In order to avoid these accidents, forklift tires need to be maintained regularly.

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