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Correct Charging Method And Matters Needing Attention For Electric Forklift Truck

Correct Charging Method and Matters Needing Attention for Electric Forklift Truck

The power source of electric forklift truck is mainly battery and DC motor. The correct use of battery for forklift truck includes correct charging operation and correct replacement. Those two correct uses and other operation problems are the basic skills to keep the parts of electric forklift truck in the optimal state.

First of all, the charging operation of forklift truck batteries. Forklift truck batteries are a relatively fragile aspect. If the maintenance work is done well in this respect, it will prolong the use time and life of electric forklift truck batteries. On the contrary, it will reduce work efficiency and speed up the loss of batteries, and ultimately the batteries can not work properly.

1. Forklift drivers should pay attention to the battery power displayed on the forklift display board before starting or charging each time. The best way to recharge the battery is to recharge the battery when there is still 20% of the power, instead of using up all the power.
2. Before charging the forklift battery, it is necessary to confirm the matching of the forklift charger. Charging machines which is not matched will seriously affects the service life of the battery, or directly damages the battery.
3. Charging should be done in a well-ventilated place, opening the top cover or removing the battery from the forklift truck. The best way to charge a battery is to open the lid and let it be ventilated.
4. Connection plug of charger must be in place.
5. In the charging of forklift truck battery, if the battery needs to be used before it is full, the suspension switch must be turned off first. Otherwise the electricity will return, so that it will be easy to burn the charger computer board.
6. Battery surface or connection must be clean and dry.
7. Do not place tools or other metal objects on batteries.

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