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Articulated Forklift

Articulated Forklift

Product Features
1. The appearance of new concept design methods, body side has a clear line in folding,the direction of the line is clever,
smooth transition to the counterweight, same between line and line, having a strong visual tension.
2. The vehicle appearance compact, concise appearance, exposed parts adopt environmental protection of metal material,solid and reliable.
3. Drive motor adopts international advanced parallel arrangement method,battery sink to the bottom frame, excellent stability.
4. A new large screen LED instrument, visibility, reading intuitive, friendly human-computer interaction interface.
5. Silent, no pollution, energy saving, environment protection .
6. Using smooth CURTIS integrated controller in order to promote walking and control precision, good performance of speed adjustment,
motor electronic control matching performance is good, with regenerative braking, reverse connect braking, rapm fall prevention, and other functions, safe and reliable .
7. Motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency power switch, instrucment panel, accelerator and other major electrical components use international famous brand parts for forklift .
8. All models adopt stable eletric integraged control system, achieves better efftect for water-proof,mold-proof, anti-condensation . Be able to insure safety between -40degree - 35 degree.
9. Solid tires, more safe and reliable .
10. Narrow aisle articulted battery forklift can operate freely in the narrow aisle of 1.8m

ASSISTANT Articulated forklift is a high-performance multi-function; multi-directional electric forklift; equipped with large AC motor; suitable for multi-shift; high frequency; high strength; high efficiency environmen; equipped with smaller DC motor; Suitable for working in low frequency environments
If working in high duty environment; ASSISTANT multifunction- multidirection electric forklift is a good choice.

Technical Specifiction

product features
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