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High Lift Pallet Truck

  • Hand Pallet Truck JF Hand Pallet Truck JF 2018/04/18 Ideal design with numerous possibilities makes this unit very suitable as pallet truck/scissor lift table.Telescopic jack composes of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force giving great rigidity.Support legs come into operation automatically.
  • Hand Pallet Truck JF7 Hand Pallet Truck JF7 2018/04/18 The manual high lift pallet truck offers the user an efficient and versatile tool for material handling. Conform to EN 1757-1-4. Quick-lift operation; Easy maneuvering of loads throughout work place; Great stability; Improved safety.
  • Hand Pallet Truck JFD8 Hand Pallet Truck JFD8 2018/04/18 Stainless Steel High-Lift Pallet Truck with Double Pistons; Electric high lift pallet truck; Valuable material handling equipment for use as a feeling table on assembly line; Structural heavy duty steel construction; Hand operated table descent control.