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Multi-Function Pallet Truck

  • Hand Pallet Truck BFB Hand Pallet Truck BFB 2018/04/18 Pallet truck with brake system can conveniently cease the truck an navigate ramps. Conform to NE 1757-2.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFG Hand Pallet Truck BFG 2018/04/18 Automatic slow-lowering system ensures the safety of the cargos, especially fragile cargos.Single-piece hydraulic valve cartridge has more advantages than scattered components such as easy maintenance,which is more preferred by the market.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFH Hand Pallet Truck BFH 2018/04/18 Hand Pallet Truck BFH ​Product Features: Hand Pallet Truck; Manual pallet jack hand pallet truck; CE is available hand pallet truck; One year warranty hand pallet truck.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFJ Hand Pallet Truck BFJ 2018/04/18 Hydraulic manual pallet truck 1.Capacity:2500kg; 2.Competitive price with high quality; 3. CE Certified; Type: Manual Pallet Truck
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFL Hand Pallet Truck BFL 2018/04/18 Hand Pallet Truck BFL Product Features: 1.5T Cap. Lowered Fork height - 52mm. 1T Cap. Lowered fork height - 35mm. Steel fork roller. Conform to EN 1757-2. CE Certified. Capacity: 1000kg, 1500kg.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFQ Hand Pallet Truck BFQ 2018/04/18 Hand Pallet Truck BFQ ​Product Features: The Quick lift pallet truck is an ideal truck for light load handling. Whenever lifting loads under 200kg, it takes just 5 strokes reached max.height. For loads above 200 kg, the quick lift hydraulic system automatically switches to normal operation. Conform to EN 1757-2.