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Semi-electric stacker truck

Semi-electric stacker trucks are widely used in ground cargo, pallet movement, stacking and short distance transportation. In many places, such as factories, warehouses, logistics centers, it is safe and efficient to use all-electric stacking trucks to stack and transport pallets. Especially in some narrow corridors, elevators, assembly lines and other workplaces, it can fully reflect its excellent flexibility, tranquility and environmental protection performance. It is suitable for heavy-duty and long-term cargo transshipment. It can greatly improve the efficiency of cargo handling and reduce labor intensity. Electric stacker truck is super thin streamlined, and with small turning radius, strong body, light and flexible movement. It also has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, long working time for one charge, reliable performance. Semi-electric stacking truck is also called electric loading and unloading truck, electric lifting truck and electric stacking truck.

stacker truck

Characteristics of semi-electric stacker truck:

1. Compact structure, small occupation, light self-sufficiency, convenient maintenance, flexible operation, economic and practical. Suitable for heap height and
handling operations.

2. Power lifting, the speed of lifting can be controlled.

3. Electric stacker truck adopts imported hydraulic power unit, which is integrated and low noise.

4. The door strength of this electric forklift truck is made of high-strength imported materials.
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