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How About an Electric Stacker Truck?

1. What is an electric stacker truck?

The electric stacker truck is a cost-effective transportation mechanical equipment, which can be used in storage, machinery, chemical, textile, printing, logistics and other industries.

The electric stacker truck uses electric energy as the driving force of energy, and the use cost and energy consumption are relatively small, and no harmful gas is generated during use, which is in line with the development trend of environmental protection. The electric stacker truck has a small volume itself. Compared with the bulky internal combustion stacker truck, it solves the limitation of use in some relatively small environments.

2. The characteristics of electric stacker truck

The design of the steering wheel and joystick of the electric stacker truck is more user-friendly, so drivers can adapt to the long-term operation of the electric stacker truck, which is comfortable to use, and reduces the fatigue of the driver.

The electric stacker truck adopts rubber tires, which has strong passability and adapts to various ground environments. It has good climbing performance, strong power and high safety. It can brake easily while climbing with full load, which improves the safety of the driver.

In practical applications, the electric stacker truck combines with pallets to transport goods, which makes the goods safe during load and transport, avoids frictional damage, and can better realize the unitized transportation mode. Through this method of transportation, in addition to avoiding all kinds of bumps and mechanical damage to the cargo, it can also reduce the area of cargo stacking, which not only improves work efficiency, but also saves space.

In the later stage of use, the maintenance cost of the electric stacker truck is low. The maintenance method of battery is relatively simple. We only need to add liquid regularly. The circuit line is simplified, and the maintenance and inspection are also convenient.

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