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Brief Introduction of the Scissor Lift Platform

Scissor lift platform can be said to be the most common and most used equipment in hydraulic lifting platform equipment. So what are the scissor lifts? ATTACK GLOBAL (HONGKONG) CO., LTD will tell you:

Introduction of scissor lift platform

Scissor lift platforms are divided into mobile scissor lifts and fixed scissor lifts. Among them, the mobile type is divided into three categories: traction type, self-propelled manual traction type, and fully self-propelled type. At the same time, the scissor lift platform can be divided into scissor big wheel and scissor small wheel lift due to the different use environment.

The scissor large wheel lift is suitable for outdoor operations such as factories, workshops, workshops, and aerial crane repairs. The scissor small wheel lift is light in weight and beautiful in appearance. It is often suitable for high-end indoor places such as municipal enterprises and hotel auditoriums.

The scissor lift platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Its scissor-type mechanical structure enables the lifting platform to have higher stability after being lifted. The large working platform and high load-bearing capacity enable the range of high-altitude operations. Its wide working platform and high load-bearing capacity make the aerial work range larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes high-altitude work more efficient and safer. It is a widely used aerial work lifting equipment.

Scissor lift platform features: 

The scissor lift platform of the scissor lift is made of high-strength manganese steel huge tube. The scissor lift platform is equipped with a safety protection device to prevent overloading of the lift, a safety protection valve to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from rupturing, and an emergency lowering device in the event of a power failure. This product is suitable for mobile high-altitude operations such as installation and maintenance of high-altitude equipment in various industries, and different power forms can be selected according to different requirements (such as: three-phase AC power, single-phase AC power, DC power and internal combustion power). Equipped with a manual hydraulic device, it can work as usual in places where power is cut or without power, and a telescopic platform can be added, which can be extended to the required position when the length of the platform is insufficient, thereby improving work efficiency. It is an ideal equipment product for modern tall buildings and equipment, and a must for safe and civilized production at high altitude. 

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Scissor lift platform use

It is suitable for large-scale continuous high-altitude operations such as airport terminals, aircraft repairs, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines. Some of the products have the function of automatic walking, which can walk fast and slowly under different working conditions. Only one person can operate the machine in the air to continuously complete up and down, forward, backward, and turn movements. When the machine is in a stopped state, the wheels are always in a braking state, and can be reliably braked at a 6-degree slope. The large-diameter, ultra-wide, high-quality rubber wheels enable users to effectively protect the ground while increasing braking friction.

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