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Common Failures and Solutions of Electric Forklift Trucks

1. The oil return pipe of the hoist cylinder of the electric forklift truck spills seriously and falls automatically.

The main reason is that the oil seal between the hoist cylinder the piston rod: The oil seal should be replaced. You need to hoop around the oil seal with a customized fixing ring made of hard iron. Then, to avoid wasting, you can hold it with pliers and send it into the cylinder. The customized fixing ring can be reused to save resources.

2. The left and right lift piston rods of the electric forklift truck lift out of sync.

The reason is that the nylon guide sleeve between the rods in the electric forklift truck swells: In the operation, you need to integrate the nylon guide sleeve effectively. You can use a hacksaw to cut off the nylon guide sleeve by three millimeters, which can make it have a certain opening gap and ensure the value of its expansion so that there are no problems in application.

3. The electric forklift truck has no lift or direction.

Hydraulic fluid isn't perfect, including contaminants and hydraulic oil filter breakage: You can replace a new hydraulic fluid in time, or you can replace an effective filter in time.

4. The steering wheel of the electric forklift truck is stiff when turning the steering wheel.

The reason is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken and it turns to oil tank leakage; The solution is to turn it in place, and if you feel the position is too light, there is a problem with the positioning reeds, so you can just replace it.

5. The piston rods of the hoist cylinder of the electric forklift truck shake when lifting.

The hydraulic oil in the tank isn't perfect, which leads to problems in pump pressure; add hydraulic oil.

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