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How to Do a Good Job of Daily Repair and Maintenance of Small Wheel Loaders?

Notes for maintenance of small wheel loaders

1.Master the operation specifications of wheel loader

For loader operators, they should master the operation skills of equipment and operate small wheel loaders correctly according to safety technical specifications. They should understand "three understandings" (structure, principle, and performance) and "four abilities" (use, maintenance, inspection, and troubleshooting). Not only should equipment be set up, but also equipment should be checked and maintained, to ensure that the service life of small-wheeled loaders is longer.

2.Reduce Environmental Impact on Loaders

Many users will ignore the impact of the environmental climate on the life of small-wheeled loaders. It is well known that most of the engineering machinery and equipment are open-air operation. According to the different projects, the working place will also change. Equipment is easily affected by site temperature, environment, climate, and other factors. If long-term fixed-site work machinery, it is best to have a shutdown room (shed) or use the upper cover, as far as possible to reduce the damage caused by sunshine and rain. Therefore, according to the climate and environment, we should take corresponding measures to protect the machine.

3. Don't neglect maintenance because of a tight schedule

Construction units should not neglect the importance of maintenance because of the tight construction period. They neglect the maintenance of construction machinery and mistakenly believe that it does not matter as long as the equipment is running normally and dose not major failures. Untimely maintenance will cause great hidden dangers. There are many major accidents, which accumulate over time. It's too late when accidents happen. Therefore, we can't forget the maintenance of small-wheeled loaders to catch up with the project.

4. Use qualified fittings and oils

In the maintenance of loaders, low price is not the only factor in the replacement of spare parts. Poor accessories are harmful to equipment. Later failure probability will increase. Also, when you are replacing oil products such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc., it is necessary to select the appropriate type of oil for loaders. Cheap, low-quality oils can not be used.

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