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How to Maintain the Electric Pallet Truck?

The electric pallet truck is suitable for the horizontal transportation of goods between long distances in the factory, which is an indispensable tool in the production of the factory. It can also be used for the loading and unloading of trucks. The load capacity of an electric pallet truck is usually 2-3 tons, which means that an electric pallet truck is a highly efficient vehicle, bringing many benefits for the development of the enterprise. Electric pallets trucks are very suitable for warehouses in factories, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, logistics and so on. It can be said that the electric pallet truck has solved the traditional difficult problem of handling for enterprises.

If you purchase a batch of quality electric pallet truck for sale, you should pay attention to the maintenace after use.

Since the use time of the electric pallets truck is relatively long, the failure rate is higher than that of electric stackers and the maintenance is as follows:

1. Usually pay attention to check the worn conditions of the load-bearing wheels, balance wheels and driving wheels of the electric pallet truck, and replace them in time;

2. Check whether the structure of each part of the electric pallet truck is cracked, whether the screws are loose, and whether there is oil leakage;

3. Check whether the voltmeter of the electric pallet truck is within the range of use, and when the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time to prevent the battery from consuming and affecting the battery's service life;

4. When the electric pallet truck is being driven, test whether the electromagnetic brake works well;

5. During the charging process of the electric pallet truck, pay attention to check and adjust the specific gravity and liquid level of the electrolyte to ensure the charging quality;

6. When charging the electric pallet truck, keep the charging environment clean and ventilated. The charging equipment and the battery must be isolated, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

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