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How to Select Electric Reach Forklift

It is important to choose the right electric reach forklift for your business. It affects everything from operating costs, productivity, employee morale and inventory management. There are a variety of electric forklifts designed for specific work. So how do you know what type of business you need?

Several important factors need to be considered when you are choosing a suitable electric reach forklift:

1. Environment

Consider the ground and conditions on which the forklift truck will work:
Is the surface smooth or rough?
Indoor, outdoor or both?
How many hours do you use forklift every day?

2. Load/capacity

It would be a big mistake to choose a electric reach forklift whose maximum lifting capacity is lower than your requirement. It's important to see:
What kind of goods will electric reach forklift carry?
What is your average load weight?
What is the maximum weight of the goods you need to lift?
What is the breadth of your goods?


The lifting capacity is similar to the maximum load, and you need to ensure that you choose an electric reach forklift that meets your height limit.
What is your usual lifting height?
What is the highest point a forklift truck needs to reach?

4. Fuel types

Compared with other types of forklift trucks, they have longer service life and less consumption. So, with the passage of time, the use of electric reach forklift will get more returns. They also operate very quietly and do not produce emissions, so it is recommended to work indoors or in cold climates.

5. Tire selection

Electric reach forklift has various types of tyres. The most common are solid or pneumatic, but there are also white traceless tires and cushioned tires. Each type of tire has its own specific purpose, suitable for certain environments.

6. Ergonomics

High quality adjustable seats are very important because electric forklift operators sit on their machines for several hours.

Investing in high-quality ergonomics will reduce the likelihood of injury, such as backache, which may be caused by repetitive tasks performed on uncomfortable seats. The design of our electric forklift truck is ergonomically designed to meet your various needs.
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