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The Differences Between Electric Stacker Truck, Semi Electric Stacker Truck, and Manual Hydraulic St

1. What's an electric stacker truck?

The lift and lowering down of an electric stacker truck are controlled by electricity, and it also needs electricity to run. You need to choose an electric stacker truck if it usually does long-distance travel, lift, and lowering down. It can work flexibly in narrow channels, reduce the labor intensity of traditional human unloading and improve cargo handling efficiency. It's widely used in modern logistics warehouses of machines, food, medicines, shopping centers, supermarkets, and so on, and it can be used to handle, stack, and carry pallets and goods.

2. What's a semi electric stacker truck?

The lifting of semi electric stacker truck is controlled by electricity, while its descent depends on hydraulic pressure, and its running is based on human push and pull. A semi electric stacker truck is a more economical choice when the road has a good situation, it doesn't need to move or moves a very short distance.

Compared with the electric stacker truck, the semi electric stacker truck has a super cheap price and an excellently improved performance, that's why it becomes the first choice for many users. A two-purpose semi electric stacker truck with the designs of a single frame and double frame structure and the functions of loading, unloading, and transporting goods over short distances has advantages of comfortable operation, simplicity, stability, low noise, no pollution, and low failure rate. It's suitable for places with high requirements.

3.  What's a manual hydraulic stacker?

A manual hydraulic stacker is an unpowered product used to load and unload without pollution. It has advantages of compact structure, flexible transport, simple operation, and small turning radius. It can be used to carry and stack cargo in factories, workshops, stations, and docks. Its more suitable for those places having requirements of fire and explosion protection (eg. printing shop, oil depot, dock, warehouse)

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