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Introduction of stacker truck products &Supplier catalogue

With the development of enterprises and higher requirements for product quality, cost, delivery time and environmental protection, the cooperation and interdependence between suppliers and purchasers of heap trucks are becoming closer and closer, and the competition among suppliers has become the competition of the whole supply chain. Therefore, the supply chain products such as finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, accessories, machinery and other high-quality suppliers of Stacker trucks have become the trend of the times.

Company name

Product Name &Label



Foshan Haizhili Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manual elevator/2.5m elevator/double door elevator/2T manual elevator

Wang Tingting

Shenzhen Changjiang Hardware Factory

Stacker truck

Yang Yucai

Wuxi Yitieyou Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Electric station truck/station stacker/stacker/semi-electric light-duty stacker

Mr. Zhang

Shenzhen Yihua Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Lin Huayang

Jiangsu Peacock Ling Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Manual Hydraulic Raising Vehicle Price/Stacker Vehicle/Hydraulic Stacker Vehicle/Manual Hydraulic Loading and Unloading Vehicle

Ding Pengcheng

Logistics Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Branch

Stacker truck

Shanghai Chenxing Industrial TechnologyCo., Ltd.

Stacker truck/loading/unloading/stacking/stacking

Yang Zhiliang

Shandong Zhongshan Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. Energy Branch

Stacker truck

Liu Xiaomei

Taizhou Qiangda Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Gu Xiuhua

Shenzhen Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck


Pulf Warehousing Equipment (Beijing Co., Ltd.)

Stacker truck

Yang Jing

Hanyu (Shanghai) Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Boarding Car/Stacker truck/Warehouse Boarding Car/Movable Boarding Car

Liu Dangan

Guangzhou Yida Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck/Yida shelf

Miss Cai

Suzhou Rio Tinto Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manual stacker truck hydraulic stacker truck/stacker truck/manual stacker truck/hydraulic stacker truck

Manager Feng

Tianjin Jingsheng Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Electric stacker truck, Tianjin stacker truck/stacker truck/Tianjin storage truck/Tianjin forklift truck

Gui Feng

Shenzhen Aiyi Trading Co., Ltd.

Electric Carrier/Lift/Stacker/Electric Lift Tool Car

Miss Hu

Taizhou Ruyi Handling Machinery Factory

Double-lift electric stacker truck/Stacker truck

Huang Ying

Suzhou Tenoda Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manual Hydraulic Stacker CTYB/Hydraulic Vehicle/Hydraulic Stacker/Stacker


Taixing Yingtai Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

1t-1.6mManualStacker truck/Stacker truck

Manager Kang

Shandong Zhongyun Logistics Co., Ltd. Logistics Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Branch

Stacker truck

Manager Wang

Dongguan Fengyuan Forklift Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Fengyuan Forklift Co., Ltd. ManualStacker truck/Dongguan forklift truck/Stacker truck/lifting truck

Miss Liu

Qufu Shengjia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Liu Yan

Xiamen Upgraded Forklift Co., Ltd.

Electric heap truck Semi-electric heap truck Xiamen forklift truck/heap truck/Xiamen forklift truck/Xiamen electric forklift truck

Miss Zhuang

Shandong Zhongyun Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Liu Xiangsong

Xiangyu Hardware Machinery Business Company, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Stacker truck

Huang Yongdong

Hebei Fanbang Machinery Equipment Sales Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Zhang Zhao

Kailifeng Warehousing Equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Internal Combustion Forklift/Amu Internal Combustion Forklift/Handling Truck/Stacker Truck

Zhang Tao

Parts Department of Huasheng Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Sanxin Hydraulic Parts Factory

Manufacturer directly sells 2 tons manual hydraulic lift truck/stacker truck

Mangaer Kang

Ningbo Nori Machinery

Stacker truck

He Xiang

Dongguan Kexin Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xilin heap truck CDD15R-III/forklift truck/electric carrier/heap truck

Miss Yin

Wuhan Easy to Move Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manual Hydraulic Elevator, Hydraulic Stacker/Stacker/Elevator/Stacker

Cheng Lei

Henan Jixiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xilin Forward-moving Seat-driving All-electric Stacker Truck Series/Stacker Truck/Forklift Forklift Truck/Seat-driving Type

Xiao Lei

Zhaoqing Daming Dingfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

ManualStacker truck/Daming Dingfeng/Stacker truck

BeijingChendiao Carving Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manual Hydraulic Stacker Truck 3T 1T 2t/Stacker Truck

Zhao Lixin

Jiangsu Tianhuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Semi-electric stacker truck/stacker truck/hydraulic forklift truck/forklift truck

Liu Bin

Jinan Jinzun Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stacker/Electric Stacker/Manual Stacker/Semi-Electric Stacker

Manager Liu

Shanghai Huicheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Forklift Forklift Forklift Truck/Toyota Komatsu Forklift Truck/Stacker truck

Lu Xue

Chongqing Jiudian Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

2TStacker truck/Stacker truck/Hydraulic stacker/stacker

He Taiju

Shandong Zhongyun Logistics Equipment Company

Stacker truck

Zhong Yun

Taixingchen Photoelectric Bottle Forklift Factory

Full Electric Balanced Heavy Dump Truck/Heavy Dump Truck/Forklift Truck/Electric Counterweight Forklift Truck

Miss Xu

Shanghai Xiangnuo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Gu Liujian

Xiamen Aigust Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Taizhou Tiangu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Chief Engineer Li

Shandong Zhongyun Logistics Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Qin Shanshan

Nanning Zhonglida Machinery and Equipment Management Department

Haizhili Manual Hydraulic Stacker 2 tons/Stacker truck

Fang Jingli

Niuli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Stacker truck

Liu Yang

Shenzhen Shunwangfa Forklift Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Stacker truck/Stacker truck/Stacker/Shenzhen Stacker

Mr. Hu

Tianjin Teailin Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manual Hydraulic Stacker Semi-electric Stacker/Stacker truck

Sun Li

China Coal Group China Transportation Logistics Equipment Branch

Stacker truck

Chen Wanyang

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