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Daily Maintenance of Scissor Lift

For the lift leasing enterprises, the failure frequency and life status of the stationary scissor lift are related to the company's performance and profits. So, on the premise of choosing the right brand of lift, please remember to do a good job of daily maintenance of stationary scissor lift, and do a good job of maintenance schedule and records.

1. Check whether the functions of the fixed scissors elevator are normal, such as emergency stop, horn, brake, and safety alarm device, etc.

2. Check and replace hydraulic oil and filter carefully.

3. Check whether the important structural parts of the stationary scissor lift are normal, such as whether there are damaged, loosened bolts or missing parts. Whether there is damage to wheel tires, sliders, fork mounting bearings, etc.

4. Check the batteries, check regularly and add distilled water (water is the only common reduction, but whether to add water or electrolyte, we should use instruments to measure the specific gravity of electrolyte). At the same time, pay attention to reasonable charging and discharging, tighten the terminals and coat it with vaseline to prevent corrosion.

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