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Introduction of manual stacker pallet truck

The so-called manual pallet truck refers to a truck that is used in conjunction with pallet goods. Specifically, when in use, the fork that it carries is inserted under the pallet, and it is driven by manpower to realize the lifting and lowering of pallet goods. It is the easiest, most effective and most common handling tool to complete the handling operation by human pulling.

At present, many forklift manufacturers have introduced all-electric pallet trucks and semi-electric pallet trucks. It is envisaged to gradually replace the existing manual pallet trucks. This is undoubtedly a good thing, whether it is from technological progress, In terms of product upgrades, it is worthy of recognition from the perspective of reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency. Moreover, it does partially replace the traditional hand pallet truck in some practical applications. However, large-scale replacement is neither realistic nor impossible. Just as electric tools cannot replace traditional wrenches and screwdrivers, no matter how technology and society advance in the future, wrenches and screwdrivers will always be the king of tools.

The development direction of manual stacker pallet truck

Because the manual stacker pallet truck has now become a very mature product, the production technology and process are very simple, the entry barrier is very low, the manufacturing cost is getting lower and lower, and the price is getting lower and lower. In addition, the pallet truck is easy to use and use The venues are very wide, and the number has been increasing. So, in which direction should manual stacker pallet trucks develop in the future?

First, manual stacker pallet trucks must further segment the market, design more styles to adapt to different usage needs, and take more into account the characteristics of different industries, such as off-road, agricultural, and they cannot be owned as they are now. Almost all of the hand pallet trucks are the same and have no characteristics at all.

Second, from the structure of the manual pallet truck, it can completely break the existing design ideas. This product has been in this structure since its birth, can it not be changed?

Third, from the point of view of the carrying capacity of manual stacker pallet trucks, it should be developed in the direction of lightweight, and the market share of heavy loads should be given to electric pallet trucks. According to survey data, in Europe, more than 50% of pallet trucks actually carry goods weighing less than 600 kg.

Fourth, the most important point is that manual stacker pallet trucks should depart from the category of logistics handling equipment and move in the direction of material auxiliary handling tools. Once they enter the category of tools, the purchase procedure is very simple and the sales channels can be more diversified. Hardware malls and E-commerce platforms may become the most important sales channel for manual stacker pallet trucks. Of course, to become an ordinary tool, the structure should be simpler, the price should be lower, and it is best to be maintenance-free within a reasonable period of use.

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