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Basic Knowledge of Manual Hydraulic Forklift

1. What is manual hydraulic forklift?


Manual hydraulic forklift is a kind of small, convenient, flexible, strong and durable goods handling tool with large load capacity. In addition to the function of transport goods, in order to facilitate the takeoff and landing of goods, there is a hydraulic device between the chassis and the wheel, which can easily push the forklift into the base of the container, lift the chassis with hydraulic pressure to lift the goods, and then drag and move the goods. After arriving at the destination, the chassis is landed with hydraulic pressure, and the goods are also landed, which is easy to extract the forklift. It eliminates the complicated process of manual handling. It is a good helper for goods handling in the workshop.


2. What are the characteristics of manual hydraulic forklift?


(1) The door frame of manual hydraulic stacker adopts heavy steel column and cold bending forming, which makes the door frame stronger, safer, easy-to-operate and labor-saving, and can move flexibly.


(2) High-precision grinding pipe and imported oil seal are often adopted in the cylinder of manual hydraulic forklift. The integrated valve core is convenient for disassembly and maintenance; the step-on type pressure relief mode makes the lifting speed stable and improves the safety.


(3) Manual hydraulic stackers often adopt advanced plastic spraying process, which improves the appearance of the product and increases the durability of manual hydraulic forklifts.


(4) Manual hydraulic stacker is a pollution-free manual hydraulic stacker with the characteristics of dexterous transportation, flexible operation, small turning radius and so on.


(5) Manual hydraulic stacking car is suitable for production factories, production workshops, warehouse warehousing, stations, docks, airports and other places, especially suitable for places require fire prevention and explosion prevention, such as printing workshops, all kinds of oil depots, and chemical warehouses.


(6) Cooperating with pallet boxes and containers, manual hydraulic stackers can achieve unitary transportation, which not only reduces collisions, scratches and other situations, but also reduces the workload and stacking area, as well as greatly improves work efficiency.


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