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Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Electric Pallet Truck

With technological innovation and development, electric pallet trucks have increasingly become the first choice for handling in engineering projects. So, what are the precautions for the use of electric pallet trucks?

1. Before using the electric pallet truck, make sure that all screws and nuts of the whole truck are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is good, and whether the battery is fully charged.

2. When loading the electric truck, turn off the power first, and make sure that the brake lever is tightened.

3. Pay attention not to exceed the maximum load of the electric pallet truck, and the bricks and cement bags on the truck should be stacked neatly to avoid collapse during the pulling process and smashing accidents.

4. Electric engineering trucks all have speed limiting devices. Non-professionals and under non-special circumstances, it is forbidden to change the speed limiting device at will, so as not to cause safety accidents due to excessive speed.

5. Before unloading the electric pallet truck, confirm the stacking environment and remove the sundries to avoid the collapse of the goods due to uneven stacking.

6. When the electric pallet truck enters the freight elevator, you must pay attention to the brake, and the speed should not be too high. After entering the freight elevator, you must remove the car key and tighten the brake handle.

7. The most important point: Before operating the electric pallet truck, the operator must undergo repeated training and confirm that they have been proficient before they can operate!

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