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What Are the Brake Fluid Requirements for Multi Lift Fork Trucks?

1. Good low temperature performance. If the brake fluid has poor fluidity at low temperatures and is easy to solidify, it will block the pipelines, pumps, etc., and the brake pedal will become hard when people brake, which makes the truck unstopped with foot on it. It is usually required that the brake oil does not solidify at -40°C and flows freely.

2. Appropriate viscosity. If the viscosity is too high, the fluidity at low temperature will deteriorate, and the braking performance will decrease; if the viscosity is too low, reliable lubrication cannot be provided in a high temperature environment and it is easy to leak. In order to ensure that the brake cylinder and rubber cup in the multi lift fork truck can slide well, the brake fluid is required to have an appropriate viscosity.

3. The multi lift fork trucks will frequently move forward and backward during work, and the brake pads will be in the braking state for a long time, which will increase the temperature of the brake system. If a brake fluid with a low boiling point and easy evaporation is used, the pipes of the local brake system will be filled with brake fluid vapor, resulting in air lock and causing brake failure. Therefore, it is required that the brake fluid should have a higher boiling point (the dry boiling point is the boiling point when the brake fluid does not contain water, and the wet boiling point is the boiling point when the brake fluid contains a certain amount of water), and low evaporation to reduce the generation of air lock.

4. Better corrosion resistance. In order to ensure that the long-term use of brake fluid will not cause corrosion to metal pipes and components, it is required to add rust inhibitors to the brake fluid.

5. Good chemical stability. Brake fluid is used under high temperature for a long time, it is required not to cause thermal decomposition and overlap to increase the viscosity of the oil, and it is also not allowed to generate sludge deposits.

6. Little impact on rubber. There are many rubber seals in the brake system of multi lift fork trucks. In order not to reduce the mechanical strength and elasticity of rubber seals such as brake cups, it is required that the brake fluid has a small effect on the expansion rate of the rubber in order to avoid that the strength, volume and quality of brake cups will change abnormally due to the long-term soaking in the brake fluid.

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