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Features and Influence of Multi-lift Fork Trucks

Multi-lift fork trucks have the following characteristics:

1. Multi-lift fork trucks have high driving speed: the maximum speed of road driving can reach 90km/h;

2. Multi-lift fork trucks have large operating range: they can travel freely on a variety of road conditions at long distances; they can quickly travel to and from different operating sites;

3. One vehicle has multiple uses: it can quickly switch operating modules and realize multiple operating functions; it is suitable for highway operations, lifting operations, field operations, etc.;

4. Multi lift fork trucks can create high revenue value: One vehicle has multiple operating functions to achieve multiple incomes; operating efficiency and revenue are higher than similar those of products.

We use the multifunctional vehicle-mounted operating platform including but not limited to the forklift industry, and rescue industry for analysis and comparison:

In the traditional forklift industry, the coverage radius of a forklift business point is about 3-5 kilometers, and a yellow truck with a load of about 4 tons needs to be used to haul the forklift for a long distance. This combined operation mode not only fails to quickly reach the work site through highways or cities, but also consumes excess man-hours and labor costs.

Now, a driver and a multi-lift fork truck can quickly reach the work site to perform operations. For large cargo yards, the fast transition function of multifunctional forklifts must also complete operations faster, safer, and more efficiently than traditional forklifts.

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