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How to Choose a Suitable Three Wheel Forklift

1. Manufacturers and marketing companies of three wheel forklift provide different prices.

In general, manufacturers provide a lower price than marketing companies. In addition, even for manufacturers, experimental and mass production can also affect prices. Only when the production is large and the cost is low, the selling price can really fall.

2. The service life of the three wheel forklift

The service life said by many manufacturers when they are sold online actually means intermittent work, so companies must take service time into account when ordering forklifts, or the efficiency will be low.

3. Design of the three wheel forklift

Even for the same product, different manufacturers have different design ideas, such as the electric station frame counterweight forklift. General manufacturers don't have the tilt design of front 3 and back 6 degrees. Because there is some danger of operating an electric empty container handler, the improper operation can easily cause the goods to tumble or drop out and damage the operator. So companies have to consider safety when they buy a three wheel forklift, rather than considering cheap prices only.

4. The delivery time of the three wheel forklift

In terms of the delivery time, many manufactures' delivery time is long because they don't specialize in producing forklifts, and they need to buy parts after receiving orders. The products they produce are no better than those of the professional manufacturers. The products' appearances, qualities, safety, humanization design, and service life are different. The service life is very important. If the service life of the forklift you bought is short, it's easy to cause waste.

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