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Precautions for Buying a Second-hand Electric Forklift Truck

1. Buy a second-hand electric forklift truck

With the increasing share of forklift trucks in the market, many manufacturers have chosen to invest in the industry of forklift trucks. Among them, electric forklift trucks are particularly popular, but there is no guarantee that all of them are excellent products, so customers need pay more attention to buying products.

Consumers who buy second-hand electric forklift trucks actually want to save money. However, as the use time of electric forklift trucks increases, its own value is constantly decreasing, which requires consumers to test the truck more carefully.

2. Precautions for buying a second-hand electric forklift truck

(1) Look carefully

When buying, you must watch the electric forklift truck carefully: stand in front of it, and see if the gaps on the upper and lower sides of the door frame are the same. If not, it proves that the electric forklift truck has worked for a long time with overload, or had an accident. And see if the steering system right behind and below the truck is consistent with the introduction.

(2) Listen to the sound of the engine of the electric forklift truck

Start the truck and listen to the sound of the engine to see if there is a clear pattered sound, and whether the engine of the electric forklift truck is running smoothly. After stepping on the accelerator for a long time for several times, release it to see if the engine's response is sensitive or defective.

3. Test run to see the performance of a electric forklift truck

Conduct no-load and full load test runs to test the performance of the whole truck. If it can achieve more than 85% of the performance of a new truck, it should be considered good. Don't believe those overload test runs or test runs with stepping on accelerator heavily, because in this case, general problems are not easy to find. When conducting no-load and on-load test runs, you must step on the accelerator to a low and medium range, and then park the truck with full load, stall the engine, and see if the cargo on the door frame sinks.

The above points are some small tips for everyone to buy electric forklift trucks. I hope these tips can help you in the future. But in any case, you should not be careless when you choose a electric forklift truck.

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