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Choose the Right Battery and Charger for Electric Reach Forklift

To be competitive in the market today, you need a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more efficient product. Leading manufacturers are doing more research to meet customer needs. For a stronger electric reach forklift, it will meet stringent application requirements, reduce carbon footprint and improve productivity. Electric reach forklift is more environmentally friendly and powerful than their diesel vehicles. Its operating cost is also several thousand lower. Electric reach forklift can be 75% cheaper in service life than forklift trucks with internal combustion engines.

Choosing the wrong charger and battery combination can shorten the battery life quickly, resulting in a higher frequency of battery replacement. Battery life will be reduced by 50% because of the number of batteries in your device. You will soon realize the hidden costs of choosing the wrong charger for your battery and the application they will use.

What are the battery and charger options? It is easy to choose the cheapest battery or charger. But it will cost your company thousands of dollars in the long run.  

Many things can shorten battery life, but so far, the two main culprits are:

1. Opportunity charging or "short-cycle" batteries use standard chargers. This short cycle generates heat, which is the main reason for the premature failure of batteries.

2.Water shortage. This lack of water will generate more heat, which significantly shortens battery life.

Combined with water shortage and opportunity charging, you have a specific formula that greatly reduces the productivity and service life of the battery. Batteries traditionally have a standard number of charging/cooling/discharging cycles (1500-1800 per battery) and can be reduced by up to 50% by opportunistic charging and water shortage. But if you invest in the right charger, you can almost eliminate these problems. Correct chargers can increase battery life, reduce the number of batteries you need, and increase your overall productivity.

But how to choose the right battery, charger or combination to maximize your application? Our first suggestion is to call an experienced service provider and a trained dealer to diagnose and repair your forklift, battery, and charger. Our company has been at the forefront of this field, constantly updating the company products and personnel training. Our company electric reach forklift is equipped to help you go through puzzling choice.
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