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Three Aspects of Electric Forklift Inspections That Need to Be Done

Ⅰ. The importance of maintenance of electric forklifts

Although the maintenance of electric forklift is relatively simple, the stability of electric forklift will also decline if regular detection is not done well and problems are accumulated for a long time. In this case, once the failure occurs, not only the work will be affected, the safety can not be guaranteed. In this regard, no matter how often the forklift is used, it is necessary to do regular maintenance of the forklift to ensure the smooth and safe work.

We want to remind you that in order to better carry out the detection and prevention of electric forklift faults, we must follow the three detection aspects in the maintenance of forklifts, so as to truly achieve the comprehensive maintenance of forklifts.

Ⅱ. Three aspects of inspection work for electric forklifts

1. Circuit system inspection

The circuit system is a basic guarantee for the operation function of the electric forklift. If there is a problem in this respect, it is likely to directly affect the function of the forklift. Therefore, in forklift maintenance work, we need to carry out a comprehensive detection of the circuit system. In addition to ensuring that each circuit works sensitively, we must carefully check the wear or damage to the wiring, timely replace some seriously damaged or functional circuit components, and replace some fuses that are used for a long time. Moreover, in order to reduce the possible problems in the work of the circuit system, we also have to clean the circuit to avoid dust or moisture to affect the normal work of the forklift circuit.

2. Hydraulic system inspection

If it is an electric hydraulic forklift, you should pay attention to the inspection of the hydraulic system. In this regard, we should adjust and replace the hydraulic oil according to the need to avoid possible oil leakage or abnormal consumption and other situations. Although there seems to be little impact in these aspects, we still need to do a good job in detail detection for the comprehensive protection, so as to avoid some unnecessary operation problems due to the instability of the hydraulic system function.

3. Transmission system inspection

The transmission system of electric forklift is the main power source of forklift, so in order to ensure the smooth operation of electric forklift, we must ensure the normal operation of the transmission system. In the function detection of this aspect, we need to pay more attention to the peripheral. We should first detect the tire carefully to ensure the stability of the tire, and repair some wear parts in time to prevent the tire skid phenomenon in the work. In the maintenance of the internal transmission system, we also need to comprehensively detect the brake system and adjust the sensitivity to ensure the safety of the operation. In addition, in terms of the adjustment of transmission bearings, we should ensure their flexibility in order to achieve more efficient forklift operations.

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