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Advantages of Electric Reach Forklift

1. The harmless fuel electric reach forklift will produce exhaust gas in the course of operation, which will not only damage the goods handled to produce strange odor and accumulate soot, but also endanger the health of operators and other people working in the same environment. This is due to the circulation of toxic exhaust gas and dust in the air. For the electric reach forklift, it not only does not produce exhaust gas, but also runs smoothly. At the same time, it has the advantages of ultra-low noise and ultra-low vibration.

2.Low operating costs: With the rising international oil prices, the operating costs of electric reach forklift is very low compared with fuel forklift trucks. The service life of electric reach forklift is longer. Compared with similar fuel forklift trucks, it can save 70% of the cost.

3.Automatic power-off function: When the electric reach forklift is stopped for more than 10 minutes, the power switch can be automatically cut off regardless of whether the key switch is turned off or not. This prevents unnecessary power loss even if the operator forgets to turn off the key switch without using the forklift.

4.Battery compatibility: Each brand of electric reach forklift battery is universal, so the original battery can also be used, so that each component can maintain a longer service life.

5.Low maintenance costs: Now electric reach forklift uses AC motors without carbon brushes; the reduction of contacts greatly reduces the maintenance costs of electronic components. There is no need to replace electronic fragile parts. So electric reach forklift is more economical.

6. Electric reach forklift is powered by motor. It uses batteries as its energy source. The carrying capacity is 1.0-4.8 tons, the gantry is 3-6 meters high, and the width of working passage is generally 3.5-5.0 meters. It has no pollution and noise.
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