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Precautions During Charging Electric Fork Trucks

1. Electric fork trucks must be charged every day

Fork trucks are now the most common handling vehicles, and as people have different needs for fork trucks, the types of fork trucks are also increasing. Up to now, there are many types of fork trucks. But the most common is mainly the electric fork truck, because electric fork trucks are easy to operate and the price is relatively reasonable. But electric fork trucks must be charged every day to ensure the normal operation.

2. Precautions during charging electric fork trucks

(1) Simply pull out the charging plug on the battery end of the electric fork truck, plug it into the charger's charging socket, and turn on the charger's power. At this time, the power indicator on the charger will be red.

(2) Then press the start button on the charger, a row of indicator lights will light up on the charger screen, indicating that the charger has entered the working state and start charging.

(3) The length of the charging time is related to the remaining power of the battery of electric fork truck. If the remaining power in the battery is large, the charging time will be short. If the remaining power in the battery is small, the required charging time will be correspondingly longer.

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