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Why Most Companies Are Using Electric Forklift Trucks?

1. Electric forklift trucks have obvious advantages in energy saving and environmental protection

Electric forklift trucks have low noise and no emission of exhaust gas. Their use and maintenance costs are lower those that of internal combustion forklift trucks. In addition, the operation and control of electric forklift trucks are simple and flexible, and the operating strength of their operators is much lighter than that of internal combustion forklift trucks.

2. The maintenance of electric forklift trucks requires less time

As the maintenance interval period of electric forklift trucks is long, the time required for maintenance is less, and the labor cost required for maintenance is saved. This way, it is difficult to calculate the economic benefits of improving the work efficiency of the forklift truck.

3. The battery of the electric forklift truck has a long service life

The service life of the battery of an electric forklift truck is 1500 charge and discharge cycles, which is equivalent to about 10,000 hours of operation of the forklift truck. This is also equivalent to the time that the engine of an internal combustion forklift truck requires overhaul. At this time, the cost of replacing the battery of the electric forklift truck is relatively close to the cost of overhauling the engine, but the battery replacement is much faster than the overhaul of the engine, which also reflects the advantage of time efficiency.

4. Electric forklift trucks are becoming practical

Electric forklift trucks do not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Electricity can be obtained from a variety of primary energy sources, such as coal, nuclear energy, and water power, which relieves people's worries about the depletion of oil resources. Electric forklift trucks can also make full use of the surplus electric power in the off-peak period of electricity consumption at night for charging, enabling the power generation equipment can be made fully use of day and night, and greatly improving its economic benefits.

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