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Reasons for Different Failures of Electric Forklift Trucks and Its Maintenance Methods

1. The operating sound of the electric forklift truck is abnormal

(1) The screws of the fasteners of the electric forklift truck are loose, and the guide wheels and idler wheels of the truck body are seriously worn;

(2) The chain and the chain pin roll are worn or the gap between the upper and lower staple bolts of the pallet fork and the cross beam of the fork frame is too large;

(3) Check whether the tire screws of the electric forklift truck are loose and whether the bearings are damaged.

Maintenance method: add suitable lubricating oil to the connection. If the abnormal noise is reduced, it means that it is a leakage problem. Replace the tightly sealed closed loop; if there is no change, check the gear accuracy, and carry out distribution and adjustment.

2. The drive motor of electric forklift truck is seriously overloaded

(1) The battery voltage of the electric forklift truck is too low or the resistance of the pile head is too large;

(2) Carbon deposits between the motor commutator segments cause a short circuit between the segments;

(3) The motor brake is improperly adjusted and thus the motor runs with braking, etc.

Maintenance method: check the battery terminal voltage or clean the pile head when the electric forklift truck is loaded; clean the commutator; adjust the brake gap; check, clean and refill the lubricating oil to completely remove the jamming phenomenon; replace the motor of electric forklift truck.

3. The electric forklift truck is weak in lifting

(1) Excessive wear of gear pump and pump body of the electric forklift truck;

(2) The high pressure of the overflow valve in the reversing valve is not suitable;

(3) Oil leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, etc.

Maintenance method: replace the gear pump with excessive wear in the electric forklift truck; readjust the overflow valve; check and repair the oil pressure pipeline; replace the hydraulic oil that does not meet the standard, and check the reason for the increase in oil temperature; check the motor and remove the fault.

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