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What Is a Multi Lift Fork Trucks?

Different from traditional forklifts and special vehicles, multi lift fork trucks have both the functionality of forklifts and special vehicles, and the high speed of automobiles. With different operation modules, it can be widely used in various industries, special operations and emergency operations in various fields, improve man-machine operating conditions, provide more solutions, and form a multi-functional vehicle-mounted operating platform.

The most unique and biggest innovation of the multi lift fork trucks is the use of one engine and two cabs. Both front and rear cabs are equipped with independent operating systems. The lifting weight is 2.5 tons, the load capacity is 3.5 tons, and the lifting height is 6 meters. The multifunctional truck-mounted forklift completely breaks through the limitation that the traditional forklift cannot be driven on the road, and can meet the various needs of different users and adapt to the operation requirements of different road conditions. By installing different operation modules, it can realize high-speed mobile forklift operations, fast transfers, road clearing and rescue, urban logistics handling, fire-fighting clearing, emergency rescue, field migration, high-altitude operations, airport and port storage cargo loading, unloading and transshipment, etc.

In the era of rising labor costs and mechanical replacement of manual handling, this multi lift fork trucks can provide brand-new solutions for many industries. For example, if the signal light is broken, the multifunctional vehicle-mounted forklift turns into an aerial work vehicle; in an emergency, the multi lift fork truck can also be used as a rescue vehicle.

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