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Flexible Operation Methods Of The Wheel Loader Operation Skill

“The flexible operation methods of the wheel loaders” can be summed up as follows: firstly, lightness; secondly, stablility; thridly, separation; fourthly, diligence; fifthly, coordination; sixthly, prohibition.

Firstly, lightness: when the wheel loader works, the heel need to be tightly attached to the floor of the cab, the feet and throttle pedal are supposed to keep parallel, and the pressure pedal is also supposed to be lightlty pressed.

Secondly, stablility: when the wheel loader works, the throttle must be steady. Under normal working condition, throttle opening should be better about 70%.

Thridly, separation: when the wheel loader works, the feet should be separated from the brake pedal and it should be put on the floor of the cab. It is not supposed to step on the brake pedal. The wheel loader often works on a bumpy site. If the foot is always put on the brake pedal, the upper and lower movements of the fuselage will cause the driver to step on the brake pedal without intention. Under normal circumstances, the way to control the lower speed of throttle is to control the machine condition and gear.

Fourthly, diligence. when the wheel loader works, especially in the shovel digging operation, with the method of cyclic pull of the lifting and rotating control rods, the bucket will be filled with materials in the condition of stable throttle. The cyclic pull of lifting and rotating control rods is called "diligence".

FIifthly, coordination. Coordination is the organic cooperation of lifting and rotating control rods. The general shovel and digging process of the wheel loaders is to lay the bucket flat on the ground and drive smoothly toward the material pile. When the bucket meets the resistance, which is parallel to the material pile, workers should firstly follow the principle of starting the boom and closing the bucket.

Sixthly, prohibition. The first is to strictly forbid workers to step on the throttle with a rush. Please do not step on the throttle pedal with a rush, no matter when the wheel loaders are driving or in the process of shovel loading. The workers should always keep the throttle light and stable. Reducing the human failure in operation.

The second is to prohibit the skidding of the tires. When the loader works, the tyres will slip when the workers meet strongs resistance and step on the throttle with a rush. This phenomenon is usually caused by improper operation of drivers, which not only increases fuel consumption but also damages tyres.

Again, it is strictly forbidden to raise the rear wheels. Because the driving force of the loader is big, the driver usually is working in the process of shoveling solid soil and stone mountain. If the operation is improper, it is easy to appear the situation which will raise two rear wheels off the ground.

Fourth is the prohibit of impacting material heap. Shovel and excavate common materials, the wheel loaders can operate in II gear, and it is strictly prohibited to carry out inertial impact on material heap above II gear. The correct method is to turn the gear into I gear and complete a shovel process in time when the bucket is close to the material heap.
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