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The Evolution of the Pallet Truck

The emergence of pallet trucks was accompanied by the promotion of container transportation. Standard containers gave birth to standardized pallets, and pallets gave birth to standardized pallet trucks. This time can be traced back to the late 1960s. Until now, pallets trucks have undergone more than half a century of evolution, from manual pallet trucks to electric pallet trucks, from automation to intelligence, originated in Europe and developed in China.

At present, manual stacker pallet trucks produced in China have accounted for more than 90% of such products in the global market, and they are widely used in every corner of the world in the form of various brands.

The evolution of pallet trucks from manual pallet trucks to electric pallet trucks is inevitable, and the time can be traced long ago. With the development of society and the continuous increase of labor costs, the demand for unmanned operation of handling equipment has gradually emerged, and there are many suppliers and products on the market that can meet this functional demand. However, the overall sales volume of the products is not large, and the reason is still the price. So, can an economical product appear again in the AGV field? Price comes first, scale comes second, and price determines product sales. This is the most basic business logic.

What determines the price of a product is not the product itself, nor is it cutting corners to reduce quality, but the correct direction of product development. It can be said that the product development ideas and design process basically determine the fate of this product, accounting for more than 85% or even more. Marketing and service are just icing on the cake.

According to a large number of market researches, current users are increasingly inclined to electric pallet trucks instead of manual stacker pallet trucks. This is because automation products can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and achieve human-machine collaboration. Rome was not built in a day, and the evolution of products must be gradual. There is no shortcut for overtaking in corners. Economical automated electric pallet trucks must be the next big hit. The market is looking forward to it, users are looking forward to it, we are all waiting to see who will launch this product first in the market.

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