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Narrow Design of Self Propelled Electric Scissor Lift is Flexible and Flexible

A self-propelled electric scissor lift has a standard four-wheel drive, heavy corrugated tires, and a 35% climbing capacity. You can work continuously on different roads. A small self-propelled electric scissor lift has excellent maneuverability. Thanks to its narrow chassis, it can take you into challenging workplaces. A huge working platform with a four-foot telescopic deck allows you to put anything you need within reach. After simplification, ground control wiring and built-in fault diagnosis function increase the practicability of operation.

A self-propelled electric scissor lift has a higher load and a larger platform. Due to the increased load and platform, more powerful RT series, in a series of applications, you can make your work more efficient. If you want to finish the work according to the budget, please use the RT series lifting platform. With a unique platform design, the work platform can transfer more workers and materials to the work area, thereby improving work efficiency. This is particularly important if there is a need for one-off multiple interventions in the work area.

With multiple selectable single-touch adjustable jacks, it can quickly and efficiently prepare for production. The average leveling time is 15 seconds. Compared with other high altitude working platforms, using self-propelled electric scissor lift can shorten 100% of the time.
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