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Analysis Of The Merits And Faults Of the Wheel Loaders

1. The cab

The cab is the operation center of a construction machinery. All the operation activities are carried out here. The wheel loaders and excavators, bulldozers are similar with each other. The working environment and the operation process of these three are complex, because they need to move on all sides swiftly. But the difference is that the wheel loader does’t have shock absorption. During the operation, the whole body of the operator is bumping and shaking, which is very damaging to the operator's body. However, when excavators and bulldozers work, the whole machines are more stable, so the damage to the hands and body is less. Therefore, the wheel loader is required to have a comfortable operating environment. The observation view is interrupted because rearview mirror is in the cab, and the seat elasticity is not good. The ideal cab should be: the glass around the cab is colored (or light color) and super flat; it is the best thing that if the cab can accommodate three passengers, and the operator can flatten his seat by a specific angle and then straighten his feet and lie himself on it.(sometimes because of continuous work for 6-10 hours and long-term bumping, the operator feels tired). At this point, the wheel loaders should learn from the car; the steering wheel and lever should also be arranged like that of the car, and the structure of the wheel loader can totally do what an accelerator pedal can do. The theoretical explanation is that the wheel loader has no shock absorption, so the accelerator pedal is designed to be very heavy to ensure the stability of the throttle at work. In fact, according to the actual work, it can be completely designed to be as portable as the car accelerator pedal (set the throttle position of the right foot with a fixed shelf, and then set a throttle pedal in front of the shelf).

2. The design of the working device and the whole machine

The wheel loaders work device produced by some factories are very flexible, especially for the design of the boom, it is powerful and efficient. However, the automatic leveling and manual operation of the bucket is not good enough. If the operators are not very skilled, it is difficult for them to master. In addition, the bolts of the bucket pin and the fixed pin are easy to damage and become loose, and the marks of the bucket are not obvious and not clear, so it is very difficult for novices to master. The cover of the battery box needs to be improved. (Because it is very inconvenient to check battery poles and the fixed condition of battery lines every day, etc.)
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