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The Practicality of an Electric Forklift Truck

1. The structure of an electric forklift truck

The rear wheels of an electric forklift truck are both driving and steering wheels. There are multiple object proximity detectors installed at the most prominent part of the outer edge of a forklift, and they can detect the distance and volume of an approaching object by ultrasonic. It can also prevent touching by sending out alarm signals. In addition, this product uses the new type of door frame connection, and it's flexible to operate and easy to use, so it's suitable to be widely used in the warehousing and logistics industry.

The frame of the electric forklift truck is made of a hydraulic tank chamber, drive ac motor room, transmission room, and front axle frame. The hydraulic tank chamber, drive ac motor room and transmission room are on the same line.

The front axle frame of an electric forklift truck is on the upper and lower sides of the transmission room, and a counterweight room is at the upper of the hydraulic tank chamber, while an auxiliary DC motor room is at the lower end of the hydraulic tank chamber. The auxiliary counterweight chamber and the auxiliary DC motor chamber are both open types.

2. The practicality of an electric forklift truck

Electric forklift truck has a simple structure and a reasonable design. The frame is welded with the "T" pattern, which not only has a more stable structure but also can design an open slot box to place or remove the counterweight, which improves the efficiency with a strong practicality, and easy to popularize.

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