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The Main Points of Using Side Unloading Loader Lift Truck in Tunnel Construction

1. Effective safety protection measures

Tunnel construction will have a great impact on the environment. If you operate blindly, you may easily cause unnecessary dangers and affect your own safety. In order to avoid some dangerous situations, you need to confirm the scope of work and working environment before carrying out tunnel operations. You need to strengthen safety protection work for yourself. During the operation, you need to drive the side loader lift truck more carefully and strictly follow the driving rules. And high-speed driving or trial excavation and loading should be avoided.

2. Good ventilation and construction environment

In the working environment of tunnel construction, the air conditions are often relatively poor, and because dust, sand and gravel may be scattered from time to time, if the environmental conditions are not handled properly, the smoke and dust may have serious construction impacts. In addition, creating a good working environment is also an important aspect of ensuring the normal operation of the side loader lift truck.

3. Install tire protection chain

When the side loader lift truck works in the tunnel, because the road in the tunnel is covered with blasted debris, these gravel have edges and corners like blades, and scratches on tires are often fatal. Due to the high price of side loader lift truck tires, if effective protective measures are not taken to reduce tire consumption, the economic benefits of the construction unit cannot be guaranteed.

4. Correct operation and timely troubleshooting

In the side loader lift truck operation, the operating level and method of the operator, as well as the ability to find faults, are also issues that cannot be ignored. After the side dump loader fails, repair it in time to avoid small losses.

5. Timely and effectively do the maintenance of the side unloading loader

Because the working environment of the side loader lift truck in the tunnel construction is relatively harsh, our maintenance work should also be in place in time.

In practical applications, as long as we take effective safety protection measures, provide a good working environment, plus reasonable use and practical maintenance work, the side dump loader will certainly achieve satisfactory results in tunnel construction.

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