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7 Tips for Maintenance of Small Wheel Loaders

Purpose of Preventive Maintenance of Small Wheel Loader

1. By tracking and inspecting the operation of small wheel loaders, stop the machine in a planned way, and arrange the maintenance and repair of gearboxes.

2. Prevent major mechanical faults and damage to related parts and components, and repair them before they occur, to save a lot of maintenance costs.

3. Improve the service life of the whole machine parts, improve the efficiency of the equipment, and maintain good working performance.

4. Reduce maintenance difficulty and workload.

List 1: Daily maintenance

The maintenance of small wheel loaders can not be lost every day. Before carrying out construction work, the loaders should be checked. The list of daily maintenance roughly has the following five points:

(1) Check for oil, water, and air leakage before driving.

(2) Check engine oil, coolant, and hydraulic oil level.

(3) Make sure that there is no loosening of fasteners of loaders.

(4) Check tire pressure and degree of damage, lighting, and instrumentation.

(5) Press butter into the articulation points of small wheel loaders.

List 2: Maintenance every 50 hours

There are daily maintenance chapters and weekly maintenance chapters for small wheel loaders. What are the weekly maintenance items? The following five points are summarized for you:

(1) Observe the oil level of the gearbox and whether there is enough oil.

(2) Check the variable speed control system and throttle control.

(3) Check transmission shaft bolts before and after fastening.

(4) Check engine intake pipe and cleaning of the air filter.

(5) Check foot brake and hand brake, oil quantity of brake afterburner.

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