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Merits And Faults Of Three Small-Sized Wheel Loaders With Different Steering Methods

The merits anf faults of three small-sized wheel loaders with different steering methods:

(1) The small-sized wheel loader with deflection wheel steering type, which turns direction by regarding the wheeled chassis wheels as the steering center. It can be divided into three types: deflection front wheel, deflection rear wheel and full wheel steering. Faults: it has integral frames and poor mobility. So this steering method is generally advised not to choose.

(2) The small-sized wheel loader with articulated steering type, which relies on the front wheel, front frame, and working device of the wheeled chassis to turn the hinge pin of the front and back frames as the horizontal swing for the steering. Merits: it has small turning radius, and flexible operation, which can be used in narrow fields. At present, it is most commonly used.

(3) The small-sized wheel loader with sliding steering type, which turns direction by the steering wheels on either side of the wheeled chassis or the speed difference of the driving wheels on both sides of the tracked chassis. Merits: the whole machine is small in volume, flexible in maneuver, and can be turned in situ. It can work in a more narrow field. This steering methods have been always adopted by small-sized wheel loaders in recent years.
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