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Multi-Function Pallet Truck

  • Hand Pallet Truck BFR Hand Pallet Truck BFR 2018/04/18 Hand Pallet Truck BFR ​Product Features: (1)Double Speed Pump. (2)Nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, rubber wheel, single fork roller or tandem fork rollers. (3)Fork length: 800mm, 900mm,1000mm,1100mm.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFS Hand Pallet Truck BFS 2018/04/18 Widely used in carrying meat,marine products,wines,beverage,chemicals,etc. and can work in very low temperature conditions,e.g. to deliver goods into and out of freezers/coolers. Conform to EN 1757-2.
  • Hand Pallet Truck BFW-BFWL Hand Pallet Truck BFW-BFWL 2018/04/18 Hand Pallet Truck BFW-BFWL ​Product Features: 1.CE hand pallet truck 2.Capacity:2500/3000kg 3.Fork size:1150/1220mm length;550/685mm width 4.Min/max lift height:85/200mm
  • Hand Pallet Truck HW Hand Pallet Truck HW 2018/04/18 Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouse as well as factory plants. Compact and attractive design with maximum loading capacity of 2000-3000Kg.