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Electric Forklift

  • Battery Forklift CPD4-5.0 Battery Forklift CPD4-5.0 2018/04/18 Integrated electric drive axle shows excellent sensitivity, optimum acceleration, travelling and climbing capability; Integrated load-sensing steering unit and low-noise gear pump make lower noise; Travel speed normal/cutback choice function.
  • High Capacity Electric Forklift MH1350 High Capacity Electric Forklift MH1350 2018/04/18 Battery Inter Counterbalance Forklift High Capacity Electric Forklift MH1350 independent research and development of large tonnage to bridge institutions, large loading, turning to more easily.

Electric Fork Trucks For Sale

Full AC power system, with lower maintenance cost, better water-proof technology, the perfect steering stability during the high-speed working etc, to reduce the operational cost.

1. Rated Load capacity: 1500kg, lift height: 6000mm;
2. Better stability: Low layout for battery, low center of gravity, Side of in-out battery, ensure more safe, smooth and efficient;
3. Water-proof connector;
4. Full hydraulic power-assisted steering system, easy to steering and save the energy; Turning on the spot, a small space to operate freely;
5. Aeroseal wet disc type brake;
6. Curves safe control: the speed will automatic reduced when turning, to avoid the possibility of rollover;
7. Regenerative braking function to increase the working hours for electric forklift;
8. Better Durability: unitary frame with better strength and rigidity;
9. Ergonomics design: comfortable seat, ample inner room and wide visibility;
10. Wide angle centre rear view mirror with wide visibility; Comfortable seat with damping function;
11. Advanced AC controllers and CANbus technology.

Electric Forklifts are Environmentally Friendly

Battery life is one of the biggest advantages of electric forklifts.
Electric forklifts are very versatile. They are also good for workers and the environment in many ways. Electric forklifts will not emit harmful gases. This makes it very suitable for indoor use. Workers breathe cleaner air. Companies can spend less money on fans to exhaust exhaust gas outside.

Electric forklifts are also quieter than gasoline vehicles. This makes the work site safer. The warning horn and backup signal can be heard more clearly. Workers will not feel ear fatigue. When workers are not distracted by noise, it helps reduce accidents.

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