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Telescopic Platform Lift

The telescopic platform lift is a multifunctional lifting and loading and unloading mechanical equipment. It is divided into four-wheel mobile lifting platform, two-wheel traction lifting platform, automobile modified lifting platform, hand-pushing lifting platform, hand-operated lifting platform, and delivery DC dual-purpose lifting platform, battery-mounted lifting platform, lifting height from 1 meter to 30 meters.

According to the different points of the lifting platform structure, it is divided into the lifting and lowering lifting platform and the lifting and lowering arm lifting platform.

According to the different methods of movement:  it is divided into the fixed lifting platform, hauling lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, vehicle-mounted lifting platform, and drivable lifting platform.

Fixed lift
It is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application range. It is mainly used for conveying goods between production line height differences; material is on and off; workpiece height is adjusted during assembly; high feeder is feeding; large equipment The components are lifted during assembly; the large-scale machine tools are loaded and unloaded; the storage and loading and unloading places are matched with the handling vehicles such as forklifts for fast loading and unloading of goods. According to the requirements of use, the accessory device can be configured to perform any combination, such as the safety protection device of the fixed lifting platform; the electrical control mode; the working platform form; the power form. The correct choice of various configurations can maximize the function of the lifting platform and achieve the best results.

Vehicle lift
The vehicle-mounted lifting platform is used to improve the mobility of the lifting platform, and the lifting platform is fixed on the battery truck or the truck. It takes the power of the automobile engine and realizes the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted lifting platform. To adapt to the high-altitude operations inside and outside the plant. According to the lifting mechanism of the lifting platform, the vehicle-mounted lifting platform is divided into: a vehicle-mounted scissor lifting platform, a vehicle-mounted aluminum alloy lifting platform, and a vehicle-mounted folding arm lifting platform. Vehicle-mounted lifting platform is widely used in high-altitude operations in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses, etc. It can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising and so on.
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