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Manufacturing method of three-way pallet stacker for forklift truck

The three-way pallet stacker, which is called roadway stacking crane, is the main access equipment in automated warehousing system. It can walk along the horizontal and vertical direction between three-dimensional shelves according to computer instructions, and take out or store the goods on the shelves with forks. It is mainly divided into single-pillar stacker and double-pillar stacker. It is driven by three driving mechanisms: walking, lifting and fork. It adopts international advanced servo control system and absolute address recognition system to complete closed-loop control, and cooperates with high-precision address recognition methods such as bar code or laser ranging to realize high-precision operation of stacker.

At present, the three-way pallet stackers for forklift trucks in the market are generally imported brands. The basic structure is as follows: the side-shifting frame mechanism drives the rack and gear by motor, realizes the overall lateral movement of the frame structure, and the guiding structure and load structure are rollers; the rotary mechanism drives the gear by motor to realize the rotation of the forklift frame. However, the structure of gear and rack has high processing accuracy, complex manufacturing process and high cost; the adjustment of motor driving speed is inconvenient, and the running resistance is large; when the load is running, the gear and rack are easily stuck and undercut, and the service life of the gear and rack is greatly affected. The fork rotates 180 degrees, the hydraulic motor rotates 360 degrees, and the limit measure is placed on the rotary gear. The pinion is mechanically limited. The small wheel is easy to break under impact, and the positioning accuracy is not high (the limit block is easy to wear).
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