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How to Effectively Solve the Problem of Overheating of Gasoline Forklift Cooling System

1. Possible causes of overheating of gasoline forklift cooling system

(1) Problems of internal combustion engine system

The internal combustion engine system includes water pump, fan pulley (including active and passive), internal combustion engine (cylinder liner), fan belt, thermostat, etc.

If the water pump is not working properly or the center distance between the driving wheel and the driven wheel of the fan pulley is not correct, the belt will slack and slip, which will reduce the speed of the driven wheel, the speed of the water pump, and the flow rate of the water pump; or the pipeline between the cylinder liners of the internal combustion engine is blocked, causing the water flow to be blocked; or the thermostat fails, causing the water circulation of the entire system to be stop, etc; the factors above will lead the internal water temperature of the internal combustion engine to rise sharply, causing the cooling system to overheat. In addition, the internal combustion engine will overheat the cooling system due to other malfunctions such as incorrect ignition time.

(2) Problems of radiator system

The radiator system includes radiators and windshields. The radiator is also called the water tank, which is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber and the heat dissipation core. The coolant (water) flows in the radiator core, and the air passes outside the radiator core, so that the heat absorbed by the cooling water from the internal combustion engine can be transferred to the outside air, lowering the temperature of the cooling water to circulate again. The function of the windshield is to make all the air sucked in by the fan passes through the radiator to improve the efficiency of the fan.

If the pipes in the radiator core are blocked or there is desoldering or false welding between the pipes and the heat sink, the heat dissipation performance will be greatly reduced. At the same time, in the process of transportation, assembly and use of the radiator, the heat sink on the radiator core is easily scratched, which reduces the wind passing area, increases the wind resistance, and reduces the heat dissipation performance. If the windshield is damaged or the gap between the fan and the radiator is too large, the fans cannot all enter the windshield, which will result in loss of air volume and also affect the heat dissipation performance.

2. Ways to solve the overheating of gasoline forklift cooling system

(1) If the overheating of gasoline forklift cooling system is due to the internal combustion engine system, the center distance of the belt pulley can be adjusted to make the internal combustion engine belt tension suitable to ensure that the passive wheel does not slip or lose rotation. We also need to ensure that the pipelines between the cylinder liners of the internal combustion engine are unobstructed, replace the thermostat that has failed, adjust the ignition time of the internal combustion engine to make the internal combustion engine burn normally. Increasing the pump displacement, and if the water pump displacement increases, the amount of water flowing through the radiator per unit time will increase, and the heat dissipation will increase as well. The pump displacement depends on the speed of the pump, the speed of the pump depends on the speed of the passive wheel, the speed depends on the diameter of the driving wheel or the driven wheel, so we always want to increase the speed of the water pump. However, if the speed of the water pump is too fast, the service life of the water pump will be shortened; if the pump is empty, and the efficiency of the water pump is reduced, the heat dissipation capacity wil be reduced. Under the condition that the water flow rate in the inlet pipe of the water pump does not exceed 3m/s, the diameter of the pulley can be appropriately increased to increase the pump displacement.

(2) If the cooling system of the gasoline forklift is overheated due to the radiator system. Then we can improve the welding quality and prevent the occurrence of desoldering or false welding. Be careful not to damage the heat sink during transportation, assembly and use of the radiator. A tube band radiator core can also be used. Practice has proved that this kind of radiator core has strong heat dissipation capacity, simple manufacture, light weight and low cost, but has poor structural rigidity. If the heat dissipation surface area of the radiator is increased, the heat dissipation capacity will inevitably increase. Increasing the front face area of the radiator along the direction of the front and thickness of it, reducing the pitch of the fins and tubes, and thickening the radiator can increase the heat dissipation surface area.

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